You do not have to struggle alone with the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress. I found my way out of pain, darkness and anger. I can help provide you with tools to take the next steps.

Those who suffer with PTS feel as though anger is always present, just sitting below the surface ready to rear up and burn the world we know. We feel trapped; as though no other person could possibly know what we face. What is the reason for anger? Put simply, anger is EASY.

Anger is a primal emotion.

Dealing with Anger

First of all

Post Traumatic Stress is not a Disorder

My name is John Ferguson, and after serving three combat tours I retired from the Marine Corps in 2010. During the next years, I had challenges transitioning into civilian life. For me, the civilians just did not understand. They were engrossed in their phones, TVs or electronics in some form. They valued themselves over others. We did not come from that world. We put our brothers' and sisters' safety first. The civilian world was different, and I no longer fit. I was lost, angry, confused and had no patience. I decided it was time I needed to fix me; get to living or get to dying, and dying was not an option. Dying will simply transfer the pain to others.

Note, I said PTS not PTSD. If you break your collar bone the doctor does not say you have a broken collar bone disorder.

Not to mention

The Cycle of Anger

Anger is like air; it is everywhere. Anger is an easy emotion to utilize and one of the most destructive.

Anger not only makes us worse, but it hurts the ones we love.

In turn, hurting them makes us even angrier.

Thus, the ugly cycle keeps spinning.

Anger IS a problem, anger DOES live inside you, but it does NOT DEFINE you.

“Anger doesn’t solve anything. It builds nothing, but it can destroy EVERYTHING.” -Thomas S. Monson

And let's not forget

Break the Anger Cycle

  • First the traumatic event occurs.

  • Emotion comes out as anger.

  • The anger is held so long becomes our identity.

  • We refuse to lose our identity.

  • Circle back to memories of the event going endlessly

Use one of your tools from your toolbox Acknowledge - Knowledge -Act to break the cycle of anger.

Slowly over time, the acknowledgement will turn into a desire to start to heal. This desire is the long road we all must travel.

About us

Living Beyond PTS, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides education and support to Veterans and first responders impacted by Post Traumatic Stress. Our mission is to promote healing and well-being by raising awareness how PTS changes the mind and body. That education leads to understanding, healing and ultimately to a healthier life.

Join us in supporting the recovery of Veterans and first responders.

Get in touch and I can help you become that new and happier person. All I ask of you is to have an open mind.