Essential Helpful and Healing Tools

Below you will find many strategies that will help to guide you on your way. The tools are Acknowledge/ Knowledge / Act, The Pause, Three-Part Breath, SNS versus PNS, Power of Positive, C-E-N-T-E-R ing, Mind Nidra Meditation Practice, and reading the Book Living Beyond PTS: Journey towards Peace - A Veteran's Path to Recovery - Through Mind Nidra.

Acknowledge / Knowledge / Act

To replace our self-perceived identity; acknowledge the event. Acknowledgement is neither positive nor negative, but it is simply saying this event happened.

C-E-N-T-E-R ing

Veterans practice C-E-N-T-E-R ing and get through situations without doing something they will regret later. It works. I use it daily to help me get past the hard times.

The Pause

The Pause is the moment where we have that split second to either blow up or remain calm. It is that one second, we all wish we could go back to, after an ugly blow up. To pin our hopes of making the right decision within one second is not a large enough window for people with damaged brains or past traumatic events. Let’s increase that window of time so we can do the right thing.

SNS versus PNS

The Sympathetic Nervous System [SNS] keeps us on alert, it is our fight or flight response. The Parasympathetic Nervous System [PNS] is the opposing system of the SNS, it is designed to calm the body and relax us. It too sends out chemicals that relax us naturally. You already have a pharmacy inside of you. Learning how to tap into that pharmacy is the key. Mind Nidra will help you move from alert to relaxed.

Three-Part Breath

Breathing can be done standing in line, in your car or sitting down. It is your way to calm down. One of the most powerful and portable calming exercises is the Three-Part Breath. This exercise has a total of six steps and is comprised of a full inhalation and exhalation, just breathe in and out.

Mind Nidra Meditation Practice

First, think on this, we cannot calm the storm, stop trying. What we can do is calm ourselves and the storm will pass. Remaining calm is the gift you give yourself. We needed to focus our mind to solve our problems. Mind Nidra is that focus you need. It allows you focus on one thing.

Order a Book

The Book Living Beyond PTS: Journey towards Peace - A Veteran's Path to Recovery - Through Mind Nidra by John Ferguson.

One Positive Thought

The starting point is One Positive Thought. I cannot stress enough this is your starting point. Your positive thought will allow you to begin to overcome anger, depression, etc. It is your anchor when the storm starts to rage.