The Challenges we Face

Below you will find many challenges we need to know in order to help guide you on your way. The challenging tools to be aware of are: The Primal State, The Fog, The Monkey Mind and Spokes in the Wheel.

The Primal State

In the primal state, the basic five senses are used to navigate through a problem. We depend on this primal state. We see, hear, taste, feel and smell things on this basic level to survive. In the primal state, we are hypervigilant and on alert.

The Fog

The Fog occurs when you cannot concentrate or focus on things that you know need attention. The ‘Fog’ is real and comes in many forms. Veterans experience it at different degrees. The main point is you are not alone.

The Monkey Mind

The Monkey Mind is when our minds hop from subject to subject. We feel there is no “off” switch. Monkey Mind consumed my days; I was not happy on any one topic, yet I would hop to everything under the sun. This was one of my biggest challenges, I felt like a passenger on a nonstop flight.

Spokes in the Wheel

When we were kids, we would put baseball cards into the spokes of our bike tires. When we would ride, the cards would make clicking sounds. Fast forward to now. Our mind is the wheel and the events of our past are the cards. Every time our mind starts to spin, the events go clicking by.