Finding Purpose in Adversity: Inspiring Veterans' Mental Health Journey



In this inspiring interview, John Ferguson shares his personal journey of finding positivity and using it as a tool to help veterans struggling with mental health issues. John emphasizes the importance of service and reaching out to support those who are suffering. Through his experiences with yoga and meditation, he highlights the power of these practices in promoting mental well-being and healing. For the entire video please visit:

John is a retired US Marine with three combat tours, and Yoga instructor, and the author of "Living Beyond PTS: Journey towards Peace - A Veteran's Path to Recovery - Through Mind Nidra". He works at helping people learn about PTS and its affects, both mental and physical. Some highlights: John's personal journey of finding positivity and healing in Yoga, and helping veterans with mental health issues the significance of service and supporting those who are suffering the transformative power of meditation and Yoga for mental well-being and healing

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